Windsor Chairs, Tables, Benches, Stools and other contemporary furniture, made to order by


John is a maker of Windsor Chairs,

pursuing the traditional craft

of Windsor Chairmaking in his workshop,

nestled in the rolling hills of Bear River.

Using classic Windsor Chair designs and

chairmaking tools

of the 18th century,

each chair is individually handcrafted

with care and attention to detail.

Chair seats are crafted from white pine. Legs and arm posts are turned from maple, yellow birch or beech.

Ash or red oak is used for the spindles.

The finished Windsor Chair is then painted with milk paint in the customers choice of colour.

In 2009, Moby Dick Productions commissioned John to build a chair for Captain Ahab in a remake of Moby Dick.

The arms of the Comb Back Windsor Chair complete were finished with carvings of a sperm whale.

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Windsor Chair

Definition: type of wooden chair constructed of turned, slender spindles and legs that are socketed into a solid, saddle-shaped wooden seat.

Alternatively, to take advantage of the natural beauty of hardwood, customers can request the chair to be finished with a light stain and natural linseed oil.

John has 60 acres of woodlot behind his workshop from which to harvests lumber in a sustainable way. Each chair starts with a log.

John likes to try new ideas for pieces of furniture, such as chairs, benches, stools, and tables.. If a customer has an idea for a piece of furniture, John will happily

discuss the possibility of building it.

If a customer has a favourite tree in their yard,

that sadly has to be felled, John will discuss ways that the tree can be turned into a unique piece of furniture, enabling the memory of the tree to continue.

Bear River Bodger

John Fowler

Maker of Windsor Chairs