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The houses of the Mongols are circular and made of wands covered with felt. These are carried along with them wheresoever they go, for the wands are so strongly bound together and likewise so well combined that the frame can be made light.

- Marco Polo


- the Turkic word for "dwelling"

    1. What is a Yurt?

    2. The Mongolian Yurt is a self-supporting, circular, trellis-walled tent. The domed roof consists of a number of rafters radiating out from a

    3. central wooden wheel or crown to the

    4. top of the wall trellis.

    5. The circular structure and dome shaped roof combine to make a beautiful structure with

    6. extraordinary stability.

    7. A Yurt can be put up or taken down in less than an hour, and since it is lightweight and compact can be carried easily.

    8. The domed shape creates a warm, calm atmosphere, giving a feeling of peace and tranquility, while from outside, the yurt radiates a welcoming glow.

The Yurt is a sacred universe to it's inhabitants. The roof is the sky

and the hole in the roof is the sun,

the eye of Heaven,

through which comes the Light.

In the morning, offerings are poured

on the hearth fire,

vapors mix with smoke and rise up to God.

The hearth is a sacred area,

the "square of the earth",

representing all five basic elements:

Earth on the floor of the hearth,

Wood in the frame enclosing the hearth,

Fire in the hearth,

Metal in the grate over the fire, and

Water in the kettle on the grate.